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Akatsuki Epilogue
tsubasa_quill wrote in tsubasa_fics

Title: Akatsuki
Genre: AU/Fantasy
Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer: I made the poster from images I got from flickr, heavily influenced by an original, final fantasy/kingdom hearts/legend of Mana but the plot and characterization are my own hard work. The Idols are Johhnys but because they've engraved an irreplaceable position in my heart so I based my characters on them and yeah used their names...the end.

Warning: Some angst, fantasy violence and major chara!death.

A/N: I still can't believe I'm finally done lol.


When the citizens of Valian’s capital returned to their city; they found most of it intact except for the great mass of rubble in place of the ancient Castle. Yuma and the rest of the boys of Daiki’s team had managed to rescue Ryutaro before the castle had collapsed.

By the foot of the rubble where the gate leading to the castle grounds used to stand, a search party led by Zach and Lady Amaya discovered a pod of sorts with a casing made by interwoven wood and vines. They were careful in breaking the cast and were surprised to find Daiki’s prone form lying in a bed of petals within it.

He was alive and well but in a deep sleep.

He awoke 3 days later with his memory completely erased.

Zach was named temporary Regent and a council was established under him.

Valian was making the move towards Democracy.

The black stones had dulled and turned to ashes.

The few remaining Sinister Sages were captured and executed.

Zach’s leadership skills, Lady Amaya’s experience and the vigor of the nation’s youth began to steer the Kingdom back to stability as a trade and industrial member of the region.

Zach’s biggest regret was his inability to repair the terrible image of Ryosuke that had been conjured up by the people… an image that the previous King had bolstered and encouraged over the years. Most were relieved by his passing.

What hurt most was Daiki’s indifference to this feeling, since he had no memory of Ryosuke at all.

He wondered if Ryosuke had intended it to end like this.

The battle at the Plains of Akatsuki had resulted in a lot more death than anyone could have predicted. The soldiers had surrendered as soon as it was announced that their King had died; damaged, tired and defeated.

The surviving elves had taken their fallen comrades and left immediately without a backward glance.

Hikaru had searched for Kouta… unable to believe anything Kei had told him.

A grand funeral was held… honouring the fallen and Akatsuki’s young king followed by three days of mourning.

For the nation… the King had died in a political struggle… but had kept his people safe.

The blue stones had dulled and turned to sand.

Keito had realized that both Yuya’s sister, Lady Kaede and Yuto’s advisor Totsuka were missing when he was given the possessions Yuto held when he died. The king had been wearing two bands of gold on each finger.

He knew one was his cousin’s engagement ring… but he couldn’t figure out why he would be wearing two.

Yuto was never too fond of trinkets for some reason. His only precious piece of jewelery was the brooch that was now just a metallic mould devoid of crystals.

Keito held a nationwide search for the three missing people and despite his efforts they could not be found.

Hikaru had taken the loss of both his childhood best friends really bad and was incapable of returning to his life at the guild. Yuya’s death felt unnecessary and cruel… and he could not find anything in his heart to forgive Yuto for it. He felt repulsed at the mere sight of the castle.

Yuri offered him a place by his side; a permanent home in Leirion.

He accepted and took Daiki with him.

They ended up opening and running a well-loved bakery together.

Akatsuki took a while to stabilize… people were shaken but the kingdom had a very strong alliance and aid from both the elves and the more politically powerful Valian.

Keito was crowned King in 6 months… after successfully removing his Kingdom’s dependence on supernatural sources of fuel and instead led the Kingdom towards cleaner, more natural sources of energy.

He also released his mage from her services and married her.

They had a son together.

They named him Yuto


The woman looked up from the book she had been reading and smiled at her best friend.

“Totsu isn’t back yet,” she replied and grinned as the woman rolled her eyes before wiping her wet hands on her apron.

“I hope he remembers the way home, it’s a pain to have to live so far from the city,” Yurika grumbled, taking the chair opposite her.

“But I thought you preferred the country life?”

Yurika made a face.

“Not when the closest city is a day’s walk… we have our own farm and water but sometimes I just miss being around… you know…  more people,”

Kaede smiled sadly.

“You miss home?”

“This country is not so bad… but I always regret running out on my brother… I wonder if he’s okay,”

“I’m sorry Yu, it’s my fault,”

“Don’t take it that way Kaede! You and your kid are so important to Totsu and I… we would do anything necessary to ensure your safety,”

“I know... and thank you Yu. It's just I’m not sure what his Highness had in mind when he said that his son was to grow up far from Akatsuki… at least until he’s ready,”


“I don’t know… but I was too stunned Yuto knew about… you know… 'him' in the first place… we hadn’t been married long,”

Kaede stared at her ring… the dull stone and its never ceasing dull glow. A mystery… just like Yuto… and just like her one and only son… a child her husband had named before he was born.

Both women jumped as the door burst open and Totsu strode in; a large bag over his shoulder and a 10 year old boy by his side.

“Well hello dear husband,” Yu commented helping him with his bag and returning his hug.

Kaede opened her arms for her son, his eyes shining with excitement… very much like the stone on her ring.

“Welcome home… Ryosuke.”


End Note: So there was this one scene that I had cut out because the chapter didn't feel right. Some of you guys have guessed that Yuto reunited with Ryosuke in that 'Otherworld" and the scene was too short for a whole chapter since it's just a happy reunion with the two walking off together into the light talking about whether their new home would have a kitchen they could nick cupcakes from. I won't bore you guys with the sap.
I'm open to questions! Thanks for following me on one of the longest fic (more in the aspect of the time it took then just the chapter length) I wrote and for bearing me through the hardest roadblock in fic writing I have experienced so far.
Again this fic was dedicated to my friends zeon_avalanthe (Rei-chan <3) and 9reen4pple (<3)!! Thanks again!!

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It's finally ending~ XD
Thank you for the wonderful story Tsu-chan~

But-- is it really the end ? I smell another story from the birth of the new Yuto and Ryosuke.. Though! You might leave it up to the reader's imagination~

Thank youuuuuu agaiiiiiin~
I love you lots! *huggles*

It took forever lol XD

Thank you for reading it love <3

Yes XD I will not continue it definitely :/

Love u to!! <3

But it was worth it! XD

You're welcome~ Your stories are always sooo interesting- of course I'd read them!

Yepp.. I know it.

Yeay! *snuggles*

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