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Akatsuki Chapter Fourty-Four
tsubasa_quill wrote in tsubasa_fics

Title: Akatsuki
Genre: AU/Fantasy
Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer: I made the poster from images I got from flickr, heavily influenced by an original, final fantasy/kingdom hearts/legend of Mana but the plot and characterization are my own hard work. The Idols are Johhnys but because they've engraved an irreplaceable position in my heart so I based my characters on them and yeah used their names...the end.

Warning: Some angst, fantasy violence and major chara!death.

Note: Summaries are different for each Arc.

~Arc Four –Two of A Kind~


Amongst the velvety richness of the sky, a storm is brewing, shrouding the growing turmoil below in ever growing darkness. The rushing tides of revolution carry with it the pieces of betrayal, greed and death, snuffing any glimmer of hope in its wake. Two flames have been ignited, hidden from the world but will their light and warmth be enough to protect their crumbling nations? Or will they burn it all to ashes as they pit themselves against each other?

Note: Second last chapter!!

Chapter Fourty Four – Putting out the Flames

“Dai-chan we saw a black unicorn,”

“Yeah it had a golden horn… and it spoke to us!”

“Have u guys been nicking the forbidden pastries again? I told you those are only for grown-ups! They make you feel funny so don’t eat em!”

“We don’t eat them… they taste bitter and too strong… one bite made Yuto vomit,”

“I didn’t vomit… I spit it out because it was yucky!”

“Wait Dai-chan… how did you know they make us feel funny?”

“That’s beside the point,”

“But really we did see a unicorn,”

“I’ve lived here longer than you guys, how come I’ve never seen one?”

“How have you lived here longer than Yuto?”

“He’s older than us Ryo-chan… I mean Duh!”

“Oh… ye-yeah I knew that!”

“Guys be quiet I want to sleep…,”

“But… that’s boring,”


“What the hell? Yuto’s already asleep… ugh get off me you big baby… Dai-chan his big head is crushing my shoulder!”

“Let the prince rest… here you can crush my shoulder,”

“Eww no way,”

“Haha… then stay awake and wake us up in a bit… don’t want the prince catching a cold or Kouta finding us sleeping in the garden…,”

“What do I do till then?”

“Count the stars… *yawns*,”

“Dai-chan… Dai-chan… Yuto-kun!”

The 10 year old pouted as he turned his head right and left, both his companions were snoring softly now. Yuto’s head was on his shoulder and he had an almost death-grip around his arm while Dai-chan had turned to sleep while facing him. The night sky was beautiful… and Ryosuke had to admit that besides being extremely comfortable on soft grass in the floral scented gardens on a starry summer night, having a devoted older brother and a loving best friend on either side made him feel extremely at peace… that in itself was a rare feeling. He was afraid of losing this the most.


“What do you mean they have encountered difficulties leaving the border?”

Totsuka, the king’s advisor cowered under the furious gaze of his Monarch. With bated breath he waited as Yuto began pacing the room.

“The… the elven King is leading his battalion, they have blocked the way of our men and are demanding for them to turn back”

“What the hell is Yuri doing? This is downright violation of our rights… he can’t just force my men to abandon their mission… this is our war damn it!”

“What- what is your order my liege?”

Yuto stopped pacing, trying to take deep breaths to calm the anger bubbling inside of him. It wasn’t working… he never thought he would feel so much hatred for his younger friend. It was probably just his anger… and the humiliation at the test of his power.

“I’ll deal with this myself,” he spoke decidedly, taking long strides towards the large window. He threw it open and felt the air on his face. His army was at a standstill after leaving a village by the border… who knows where Ryosuke’s men must be by now. He had no time to waste.

“Take our fastest horse and meet me at the border gates of Yoshino Village,”

“Ye-yes my-,”

Yuto didn’t wait for Totsuka to finish his sentence.


“Well look who finally decided to show up,”

Daiki had walked into the hall with renewed vigor. His teammates and him had managed to get past the guards unharmed except maybe for Yuma who had a slight limp in his step now. The fact that a group of youngsters he had just met a while back were now standing by his side; in the face of most probable death gave him determination. There was no turning back.

His mouth dried instantly though as he laid his eyes upon what used to be his younger brother. He heard multiple gasps and Yuma had grabbed Fuma’s shoulder for support.

The King’s lithe figure comfortably occupied the stone throne, boots dangling off the edge. His massive wings were spread out around him and the feathers were a shiny, soft jet black, matching the many roses on the walls. He had spoken his words with a small smile on his blood red lips, eyes closed shut, head resting on folded arms.

“Ryosuke…,” Daiki had barely whispered but the glare those red eyes fixed him with sent a chill down his spine.

“Why are you here? Of all times to come… why now?”

The tone was calm, even curious but his eyes were ablaze with hatred.

Daiki took a shuddering gasp. Did he do this to his brother? If Ryosuke had remained with him, safe in their little bakery would this have happened to him?

“I’m… I’m here to talk some sense into you… I… I left you here because your father promised to protect you from what I couldn’t… I had a reason… I rather we separated than me let someone come and hurt you,”

There was an eerie silence following his words and it took a good two minutes for Daiki to realize he was holding his breath.

“Ahh, I see… well that makes sense,” Ryosuke responded flatly, returning to closing his eyes.

“So big brother… what made you change your mind?”

“Ab… about what?”

They all took a step back as Ryosuke lifted himself off the chair and landed a few feet from where they stood with the flap of his majestic wings.

“First you wanted me safe… but now you want me dead?”

Daiki jumped as Fuma and Kento both yelped, thorny fleshy vines grabbing them by a leg each and pulling them up to hang like bats from the ceiling. The rest of the boys scattered around, breaking the close formation they had entered with.

Ryosuke narrowed his eyes as his attempts to disintegrate both his victims failed and widened his eyes at the large round stones around their necks, glowing green.

He stared at his older brother, his emerald eyes showing disbelief at his attempt to kill his team mates.

“So, you can negate my powers huh?”

“It seems so,” Daiki replied, his face getting stern.

Ryosuke smirked.

“I can always… drop them you know…,”

And to prove his point he let them fall a few feet before grabbing them again. Daiki raised his hands as Yuma raised his gun. Marius and So drew a blade each, the green glowing brooches shining upon their chests.

“Let them go… this is just between you and me,”

“Why bring them then?”

“We insisted,” was Yuma’s shaky reply.

“Leave, all of you,” Daiki said sternly. He jumped as Ryosuke swung the two boys around in the air, an amused smile on his face, before flinging them towards the remaining team mates; leaving a groaning tangle of limbs behind Daiki.

“LEAVE NOW,” Daiki urged harshly as the boys showed hesitancy in leaving him alone. Ryosuke was no longer the ghost-fearing, insecure litle boy he once knew.

“Dai-chan?” Yuma started and Ryosuke’s eyes narrowed in annoyance at the use of the nickname.

“Stick to the plan,” Daiki responded without a backward glance. Ryosuke did not fail to notice the concerned glances of the boys before they left the hall, leaving him alone with his brother.

“Plan?” Ryosuke snorted walking backwards with hands behind his back. He had an amused smile on his lips. Daiki didn’t fail to notice, at his full height, Ryosuke was now slightly taller than him.

“Look at my little older brother, going from cupcake recipes to rebelling against a king, my my won’t your pastry chef father be proud if he were here right now,”

Daiki felt a pulse at his temple.

“Don’t bring my father into this,”

“Why not? You definitely get your courage from him… deceiving a princess into marriage… he sure always thought a little out of his league didn’t he,”

“Shut up, what do you know about my parents?”

Ryosuke’s smile faltered and Daiki felt something weird stirring in his chest as the boy watched him silently. Daiki let out a yelp as piercing pain ripped through his back.


He collapsed onto his knees, feeling his legs weaken. With shaky hands he felt his back and his fingers came across thick needle-like thorns, implanted into his flesh.

Ryosuke was watching him sideways, eyes misty.

“I can’t let you kill me yet… Dai-chan,”

Daiki held up his hand, green eyes glowing as a protective sphere appeared around him just as a hail of thorns shot towards him from all directions. Ryosuke kept watching as he struggled onto his feet, feeling as if he would collapse from the pain. Ryosuke then created a fire atop his palm and threw it, as it were a ball and widened his eyes as Daiki caught it, the flame taking a greenish hue.

“I was meant to be your opponent from the start Ryosuke,” he said, stumbling out of his sphere as the thorns were now spindles on the floor. Ryosuke picked one up and it morphed into a large crystal blade.

“So like you to make me work,” he spoke, a little annoyed and lashed out, swiping out at the older boy’s shoulder. Daiki ducked, every movement making him sweat more. The pain had dulled but his legs felt like jelly. Ryosuke flapped his massive wings and rose into the air, the pressure change making Daiki stumble onto the floor. In reflex he threw the flame into the air. Ryosuke raised a hand to block it but Daiki was quicker. To the younger’s surprise the ball of flame burst into tiny flares and stuck to Ryosuke’s wings like leaches.

The younger boy screamed as the flames grew, waving his wings and thrashing about but the green-hued flames were stubborn and aggressive, spreading like a disease. Ryosuke headed for the large fountain, crashing into the water.

Daiki watched with bated breath as the fountain was covered with smoke. His nose prickled, it smelled like burning flora. As the smoke cleared, he got to his feet with a grimace but felt the hair at the back of his neck stand. He turned around quickly only to come face to face with an even more terrifying image. Ryosuke’s eyes were so black and the pupil’s now a sickle-shape so red it could have been blood. Bluish veins were visible branching all over his pale face. Daiki gasped as the ‘creature’ before him grabbed his neck in a death grip, squeezing the life out of him.

“Ryosuke…,” he chocked, flailing aimlessly. He could feel his lungs screaming for air.

“Why can’t you stop hurting me?” the other asked, his voice more of a hiss than anything else. The whole room had begun to glow red and Daiki felt as if the life was being sucked out of him. His eyes rolled into his head and the last thing he could think about was the crystal blade he had crafted tucked in his belt.

Daiki felt all restraints disappear as he was dropped to the floor. He panted, gulping air as if he had been thirsty for days. The red glow had subsided and the hall had become eerily quiet. The roses of the ceiling and the walls began shedding, raining down petals.

He looked up fearfully and watched how Ryosuke’s hair had returned to the dark-brown shade he used to sport and honey-brown eyes staring at the blade sticking out from the center of his chest.

He shifted a teary gaze towards Daiki’s own and called out in a small trembling voice;


Daiki lunged forward to catch him as he collapsed, cradling him in his arms.

“Ryo… Ryosuke?”

Ryosuke had started crying, tugging at the blade weakly. The blade was glowing green and Ryosuke had began to whimper.

“It hurts… pull it out… please pull it out it hurts so bad,”

Daiki struggled to pull the weapon out, placing his sibling in his lap. The blade was lodged in, as if cemented in stone.

“I’m sorry… I’m trying… I really am trying,” Daiki cried out, feeling his eyes grow hot and his vision blurry.

What’s done is done… some damages are impossible to undo…

Daiki widened his eyes at the jet black horse-like creature with its golden horn, looking down at the two of them amidst the raining petals.

All that he has built will collapse… this hall included… the castle has been evacuated… like you’ve planned…

“I’m not leaving him,” Daiki replied determined. The creature shook his head and materialized into thin air.


He looked down at the pale face of his brother and felt as if he had been stabbed by the knife instead.

“I can see them, all the stars!" he spoke, his eyes hazy. Daiki looked up and saw the image of a clear sky where the ceiling should have been. He smiled, tears staining his face.

"Is it true?"

He looked back down to his brother, fingers running through his sweat-drenched hair.

"What is?"

"You won’t leave?” he asked weakly, hopefully, hands limp by his sides.

Daiki gathered him in his arms, planting a loving kiss on his forehead before placing him gently on the ground made soft by the flowers. He lay down next to the boy, stroking his hair as his brother's eyes finally fell shut.

“No I won’t leave you… never again.”


Yuma ushered the last of the castle staff into his father’s Inn spotting Lady Ayane by the door, anxiously eyeing Zach cantering by on his horse, heading towards the castle. Zach brought his steed to a halt at the tremble in the ground and watched in horror as first the lamps exploded and then the entire castle began to collapse… being reduced to rubble on the hill within minutes.

He could hear screams and shouting all around him but it was all a buzz. There was a massive cloud of dust rolling towards them but he stood his ground. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He wasn’t expecting the castle to collapse…




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Tsu, you just, Broke. My. Heart. *wails*

Poor Ryo-chan.. All he wanted was an acceptance, for someone to simply stay by his side.. But everyone left him, betraying his faith.. And in the end, all Daiki could do to save the child in Ryosuke is to kill the crystal persona for once and for all..
(I still believe in happy ending, after all)

And all we can do is to wait and see what King Yuto has in mind after knowing the fact that his arch-enemy has fallen down.. (Or more like of how Kota and the gank tried and kill him just like Daiki killed Ryosuke)

Update soon, Tsu-tsu~

Ah....Ryosuke is down even before the battle with Yuto...i wonder how Yuto would react and just as zeon-chan mentioned, how his side would deal him as well... but is Ryosuke fully gone?? Hopefully there's a happy ending!

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