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Akatsuki Chapter Fourty-Three
tsubasa_quill wrote in tsubasa_fics

Title: Akatsuki
Genre: AU/Fantasy
Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer: I made the poster from images I got from flickr, heavily influenced by an original, final fantasy/kingdom hearts/legend of Mana but the plot and characterization are my own hard work. The Idols are Johhnys but because they've engraved an irreplaceable position in my heart so I based my characters on them and yeah used their names...the end.

Warning: Some angst, fantasy violence and major chara!death.

Note: Summaries are different for each Arc.

~Arc Four –Two of A Kind~


Amongst the velvety richness of the sky, a storm is brewing, shrouding the growing turmoil below in ever growing darkness. The rushing tides of revolution carry with it the pieces of betrayal, greed and death, snuffing any glimmer of hope in its wake. Two flames have been ignited, hidden from the world but will their light and warmth be enough to protect their crumbling nations? Or will they burn it all to ashes as they pit themselves against each other?

Chapter Fourty Three – Valian’s Red Star

There was dust in the air and the breeze that blew through the streets was chilly. The city itself though was glowing with the reddish-gold hue of the mystical lamps… it felt like a soul on fire against the dark, dark sky.

There was fear everywhere. People were hiding in their homes, in cellars and basements, in town halls and encampments… anywhere but the path of the Kingdom’s army. There had been chaos upon the death of their self-proclaimed Monarch but the news of his youngest son (the demon child) becoming the new King had sent a wave of terror through the nation. Lives had been stilled; it was as if the entire country had been stunned into silence… a disciplined obedience. They only knew that he was sending off his soldiers to protect the Kingdom from a threat beyond the borders.

What he planned to do once his Kingdom was safe… it was another issue.

Some were optimistic. They claimed that the young King could be a powerful leader… he may use his powers to protect the nation.

Others were wary of his potential in becoming a ruthless dictator.

They had shunned him from the very beginning after all.

The possibility of him harboring some kind of patriotic affection was wishful thinking… but maybe he was just trying to prove them wrong all along.

The soldiers had long begun their march; their armors clanking in a mechanical synchrony. They had a powerful young King… they had seen his magnificent black wings and his intense blood-red eyes and had felt their insides curl in fear at the way he had looked down at them, as if meeting the gaze of each and every man he was sending to war. It was unnerving; it felt like he could see through their armor, right at their souls. It was if he understood their distrust of him, their fear and caution and he had addressed it… calling those feelings mere emotions that are not worth the pride and safety of Valian.

He had made his point… he cared not for their judgment but he knew that no man in his army would sit around and wait to be invaded… or worse eradicated by a neighboring nation.  

And so they marched on, through the streets of the capital city and every passing village until they arrived at the border… wary eyes upon the horizon where the shadows of another country loomed, bathed in a moonlight- kind of hue.

It was there that they were halted by a small company of hooded figures on horses. Their commander would have cut right through those he presumed to be a band of highway robbers when the leader of the horsemen removed his hood.

Prince Zach had been one of them once after all.

Ryutaro had found a nice quiet corner in an empty room to curl up and cry. He was not a child… at least he didn’t consider himself as one but the way Ryosuke had claimed a life right in front of his very eyes made him nauseous. He knew what the crystal was capable off… it needed the life-source of men to sustain itself. Ryosuke’s father had spoken of it in a hushed whisper… of how he planned to offer convicted criminals and people with terminal illnesses as sacrifice in return for its energy. His ideas had not set well with his eldest son and his followers and thus the rebellion.

Then Ryosuke… when the idea that the crystal would have a living vessel with a mind that could be manipulated by people more clever than he… the foolish King had been ecstatic; happier to have a new political advantage than a new son.

It’s not like he couldn’t have loved his son… the fact that Ryosuke was a human being had always been overshadowed by the fact that he was the Crystal child. In the eyes of his father Ryosuke had always been a shining star… the ultimate weapon. He may have been raised like a pampered, spoiled but exceptionally obedient prince if he hadn’t been whisked away the day he was born.

The rebels had wanted him dead… they wanted the idea of such a weapon gone. They kept the knowledge a secret and became the outlaws… the villains that wanted to kill an innocent child for a minority and the heroes that hunted a demon for the rest.

For Ryutaro, a child gifted with abilities at the expense of his own life-span, Ryosuke was a salvation. The angsty teenager could subdue the harsh effects of Ryutaro’s use of the crystal’s energy and Ryutaro could remain a gifted, important person… a Knight. He wanted to make his parent’s proud and this was his best way.

He had felt it… the rush of energy, the satisfaction that only comes from a good night’s sleep when that magician had died and it made him want to vomit. Ryosuke had done it for him, he had collapsed in front of the king a couple of times since their first meeting and Ryosuke had understood why only recently.

He didn’t want it. He didn’t want to live on the expense of someone else’s life no matter who that person was. But he didn’t know what to do… the crystal was a poison and coupled with his own pride it was slowly killing him but then… Ryosuke… the sad lonely child hiding behind the façade of a young man with the cold red eyes had become as precious to him as his own life. He had watched him break and break and break again before getting back on his feet. He had seen him struggle with himself, seen him caring for people that regarded him with fear, hate and contempt… had seen him smile at him like he was the only family he had left and that there was nobody else he trusted anymore but him.

But that’s where the problem lay. Ryosuke wasn’t the crystal child… he was not the vessel.

He was the crystal itself... the very thing that was killing him.

If anyone else understood this… he did not know nor care anymore.

He jumped at the harsh rapping on his door. Wiping his face he crossed the room in long strides and threw the door open, startling the messenger outside.

“What is it?” he spoke, more harshly than intended.

“There is a small company, requesting the King’s audience… they say they have vital information about Akatsuki,”

Ryutaro frowned.

“Take me to them,”

He gasped, a sudden chill running down his spine. The lamps began to roar as the aforementioned company arrived in the hallway… 5 figures in black robes. The messenger collapsed to the ground and Ryutaro clutched himself as he felt all the energy draining from his body, making him lightheaded. His body had gone stiff in a terrifying full-body paralysis. His darkening vision automatically fell upon the central figure of the group… whose hand was held up towards him, eyes glowing emerald from beneath the hood.

“Who… who are you?” he gasped as crystals began to grow from the walls forming a cocoon of sorts around him.

Daiki threw back his hood, revealing his glowing eyes and Ryutaro opened his mouth… words barely a whisper before his being was frozen in the black crystal cocoon.

“Don’t… hurt him.”

A/N: Well... a little Ryu POV for you...

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Heehhh~~ so what could have been a better life for Ryosuke did not happened apparently. Lolx i tend to forget where Ryutaro pops up from, he's only recently appeared right? And wow Daiki...meh

Hahaha will be waiting for yutoyama's parts~!

Ryu must have been so hurt, but I'm sure it's much more painful for Daiki.. After all, he was on a mission to kill his own brother to bring peace to the two kingdoms..
I'm fearing that despite feeling betrayed, Ryosuke will let Daiki do what he will do, because he's just sentimental that is..
I can only hope, that both Ryosuke and Yuto don't have to die.. I hope that no one has to die at all to fix the problem.. *sighs*

Thanks for the awesome update Tsu-chan~
And please forgive me for being a bad reader and commented sooo late.. >,

TQ so much for a nice story...luv it. please update soon.. i'm waiting....=D keep it up & ganbatte!!

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