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Akatsuki Chapter Fourty-Two
tsubasa_quill wrote in tsubasa_fics

Title: Akatsuki
Genre: AU/Fantasy
Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer: I made the poster from images I got from flickr, heavily influenced by an original, final fantasy/kingdom hearts/legend of Mana but the plot and characterization are my own hard work. The Idols are Johhnys but because they've engraved an irreplaceable position in my heart so I based my characters on them and yeah used their names...the end.

Warning: Some angst, fantasy violence and major chara!death.

Note: Summaries are different for each Arc.

~Arc Four –Two of A Kind~


Amongst the velvety richness of the sky, a storm is brewing, shrouding the growing turmoil below in ever growing darkness. The rushing tides of revolution carry with it the pieces of betrayal, greed and death, snuffing any glimmer of hope in its wake. Two flames have been ignited, hidden from the world but will their light and warmth be enough to protect their crumbling nations? Or will they burn it all to ashes as they pit themselves against each other?

Note: This chapter comes after forever. I know this is no excuse but its been a bit tough for me for a while, lots of stuff happening recently and I guess the story will reflect a bit of my own angst for now. It's coming to a close pretty soon, hope you'll bear with me for a little longer.Thanx guys :)

Chapter Fourty-Two - Hostility

Yuto ran his fingers through his now-platinum locks. He nodded to his dresser as the man bowed and took his leave. He gazed upon the massive chamber, dimly lit by the parting in the heavy curtains of the large bay window. It had a cozy sitting area with cushions and it was where his mother used to read him stories until he fell asleep in her arms as a child.

He strode over to the dresser and ran his fingers over her jewelry box. He had taken to staying in his parent’s bedroom for a while now. Their clothes and other possessions had been left untouched. He had given strict orders to his staff.

Opening the jewelry box he picked up his brooch, the stone beginning to glow upon his touch as he clipped it on.

He looked up into the mirror, into his eyes that reflected a storm.

He felt so… alone.

“You lied to me… Chika,”

The sprite alighted upon the jewelry box; hands held together, head hung low.

“You really had me thinking you were gone,”

‘I needed to pass on my duties to Tokio…,’

“Don’t look so scared, I’m glad you are alright,”

Yuto meant that. Chika had been a dear friend… his secret keeper, his scout, his source of reassurance in the most troubled of times. She had stayed close when he had begun to transform, whispering words of encouragement.

The same sprite though had been guiding a group of rebels against his family. She had given the Sages the prophecy of the crystal child through the mage who owned the crystal lenses… the pair that now belonged to his cousin’s mage… Aoi.

“Why do you all pretend to love me… only to be planning my death in secret?” he asked with a frown climbing onto the window seat and peeking out into the castle grounds where his soldiers were getting briefed about the planned invasion of Valian.

“Did you help Miura kill my parents?”

‘NO! My King, we did not interfere in that battle… it was solely the Sages acting rashly out of sheer panic… you had come of age and that had not been their plan… they wanted to have you killed when you were still young and vulnerable and unable to use your powers,’

“I survived the poisoning,”

‘The crystal had been healing you… also… I use to watch Kouta throw away half the poison he was given to feed you… you had his sympathy,’

“Not anymore…,”

‘We still care about you… but my clan had been sustaining the crystal for too long, we do not grow in numbers nor do we die out, we don’t fall sick nor are we healthy… we are stuck in what some of you humans call limbo… when you were born… we knew instantly… you were our salvation… you could either give the crystal a new sacrifice or end the crystal’s reign with your death… we know what happened to your ancestor and how the crystal reacted when she died… you are the last of the bloodline,’

“So either way… if I win, I could free you and if I die… the others free you… I admire your optimism but I am not the last of the bloodline,”

‘Yes, there are two more…,’

Yuto stared at her bewildered.


He got to his feet, remembering the boy he had seen in his dream… lurking behind the fountain as he and Ryosuke talked.


‘Yes, he is related to you from your mother’s side, your mother… a non-royal but a distant relative of your father the King had a brother who married and had a child with the princess of Valian, Ryosuke’s mother…,’

Yuto was scowling as he waved a finger in the air, as if drawing an invisible family tree.

“So, Daiki’s my cousin?”

‘Yes, not a very public opinion, but a fact nonetheless,’

Yuto slumped his shoulders, silently playing with his fingers.

He wondered if Daiki knew… the thought made him smile.

“So, Ryosuke, Daiki and I could have grown up like brothers but… you… and those Sages… you’ve gotten us going at each other,”

‘You would have turned against each other anyway my King, it’s the crystal’s nature… you may deny it but it reflects your deepest desire to outshine each other… you and the crystal are one,’

Yuto turned away from her, conflicted.

Daiki… this was actually troubling.

“So, Daiki and Ryosuke will be joining forces against me,”

‘Ryosuke is too proud to seek help, he wants to defeat you with his own strength… the brothers are no longer allies… Daiki is responsible for that.’

“Wait… but… they were so close… I can’t imagine…,”

Yuto’s heart squeezed painfully at the thought… that would explain why Ryosuke had looked so desperate… so… broken.

“I don’t need your sympathy,”

Yuto’s head turned to where Ryosuke was sprawled on his carpet, scarlet eyes boring into his. Chika seemed to be confused at his shift in attention. It was only him who could see his crystal twin.

He actually had an established telepathic connection with someone… how cool was that?

Ryosuke rolled his eyes at his thoughts.

“He’s coming for you,” Yuto spoke, falling into the comfort of the cushions behind him.

Ryosuke smirked, amused.

“I have my father’s arsenal posed and ready for any minor distraction at the snap of my fingers,”

“So Daiki is a distraction now?”

“Yeah… and you’re a pain in the-,”

“I’m ready too,”

Ryosuke stiffened, mouth a thin line as Yuto stretched.

“I will not die… I won’t let you consume me, it will not be Akatsuki that becomes the new sacrifice… but you and your worthless country,”

Ryosuke’s eyes flashed anger and hostility and Yuto felt a rush of adrenaline at the way the smaller male curled his fingers, black nails ripping the fabric.

“I will rip you apart with my own hands Yuto… just you wait and see,”

“Oh really,” the king chuckled, thoroughly amused.

“Such compassion for a kingdom that has treated you like shit huh? Ryosuke that’s pathetic,”

“I don’t care about anyone you spoiled brat,” the other spat venomously, pupils pulled close like slits.

“I would rather die than to lose to the likes of you… that Kingdom is lucky that it has become my ego… they deserves no better.”



Scarlet eyes widened as he realized he had his knight pinned on the marble floor, hands around his throat.

He scrambled back quickly, allowing the younger man to breathe.

“I’m… I’m sorry… I don’t remember-”

“Attacking me?  Yeah… so you don’t remember talking to yourself either huh?”

Ryutaro blinked at the way Ryosuke held himself, eyes shut tight and breath coming in gasps like he was trying his hardest to control himself.

“Are you… are you-,”

“Are the troops ready?” Ryosuke snapped getting to his feet, the shivering, fragile child in him gone in an instant. He walked over to the throne and sat upon it, fingers running over the material.

“They are… your men are ready to march into Akatsuki… but that other group… the black magicians…,”

“Sinister sages?”

“They are not the sages… just idiots who found a fancy name in the history books and decided to steal-,”

“We are ready your highness, we will protect you with our lives,” spoke an authoritative man by the grand doors.

Ryosuke scrutinized the red hoods and robes and the black skull emblem on their backs and smirked. He snapped his fingers and the red in his eyes intensified. Ryutaro paled as one of the magicians vanished into dust, his robe falling onto the floor. The group dispersed; terrified whimpers and cries of shock silenced immediately as Ryosuke posed his fingers for another snap.

“Let me make it clear to you, I don’t need to be protected… what I need is for you to follow my every command no matter what it is, understood!”

“Ye...yes your excellency,”

“Good, now back to your stations… we are expecting company.”

Ryutaro waited until the last of the magicians had exited the throne hall before walking over to his King who watched him approach with cautious eyes.

The sound of a tight slap echoed in the hall.

Ryosuke glared up at his retainer who didn’t even flinch at the murderous glare nor the red on his King’s pale cheek.

“How dare you!”

“Since when have you been able to take a life so easily huh you... you big baby?”

Ryosuke just watched the boy turn his back to him and stomp away in complete disbelief, both at Ryutaro's boldness and his own inability to respond.

As soon as the doors shut and he was alone, he let out a miserable scream.


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Whaaaa?? It ended just like that???? Lol Ryutaro u must have suddenly gone over his head to be able to slap Ryosuke...gosh.

Ahhhhhh Yuto you poor thing, but i dont suppose you need sympathy... hahahah and i got confused with Daiki's link to the family. Thankfully u sumed it up as cousin. Hahahha.

Please do update soon!!!


Ryutaro is pretty conflicted... he's a bit too attached...

yeah... Yuto did too... so did I... messed up a couple of times before I decided to be nice to myself and summed it up!

I am working on posting up the next chapter!! Thanx for still following this story!! <3

this is by far the best story i ve read. its so...well planned that everything becomes clear and the connections they have are explored from all sides!!
yuto and still hurts but i cant wait to see what ll happen to all three of them now.
and yabu and ryutaro. actually all of them :O will chinen make another appearance *sparkling eyes* since he said he d side with akatsuki!
anyway i cant wait *-*

thanks for the update!! :)

Wow.. O.o
That connection between Yuto and Ryosuke is so scary it's just so.. Wow..

Poor Ryosuke though.. He is all alone and stressed and he's just losing himself in this fight he cannot lose, while truthfully, all he wants is just to have someone by his side no matter what..
Yuto doesn't have it easier himself..

I can only wonder about the future of these two young men..

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