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tsubasa_quill wrote in tsubasa_fics
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*~This community is specifically for my multi-chaptered fiction!!!~*

Shin-Gi-Tai (main story; please refer to index for prologues)

Shadow Boys 2

Dreams and Drumsticks

Beautiful Insanity


For the major master post of all my fics:

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For my main journal

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<3 Thanx for visiting!!!! <3

Ja ne!

Tsu ~

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finally i have finished the beautiful insanity
by the way i really liked frienship stories just even more i want it becomes love hahhahha silly of me#
i like ariyama and i ship them hehe they look liked a twin because of their heights~~
and i watching the community now so nice to meet you!!
i'm bun-chan and what yours???
i want to know your names because i have added you~~~

hey there bun-chan!! sorry for the late reply!! your name is so cutee!! I love ariyama!!! thank u so much for reading!!!!

I hope u enjoyed it!! I'm Tsu!! thank u for adding me bun-chan!!

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